Jeppson Idea Lab: Olmec Incised Standing Figure

<em>Olmec Figure of a Man</em>, detail

November 14, 2015 - April 3, 2016
Jeppson Idea Lab

Above: Olmec, Incised Standing Figure, detail, about 800 BCE, Dark green stone, 1958.32

Focusing on research conducted by John Garton at Clark University, this Idea Lab presentation examines a stone figurine from the Pre-Columbian civilization of the Olmec, Mesoamerica's earliest flourishing culture. In collaboration with the museum's conservation department, new scientific examination of the object's shape, pose, and surface scarification reveals Olmec ideals of spiritual power.


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Master Series Worcester Art Museum

Master Series Third Thursday
Thursday, November 19, 6pm

Although small in stature, this stone figure reveals much about Olmec religion and culture. Learn what research performed in WAM's conservation lab has uncovered about this figure's facial scarification, body modification, and other spiritual symbols.

Speaker: John Garton, Clark University

Gallery Talks
Thursday, November 19, 5-6pm

Graduate students from Dr. Antonio Guijarro's An Age of Sensuality: Golden Age Spanish Poetry (1526-1612) class at Worcester State University will give short talks relating a poem from the Spanish Golden Age to a painting in the [remastered] exhibition at the Worcester Art Museum. The talks will be delivered in Spanish. All are welcome to attend this gallery program prior to the Master Series Third Thursday lecture on the Olmec Incised Standing Figure.