Wall at WAM: Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges, Don't Be Afraid, 2004, inkjet on vinyl, 17 x 67 feet, courtesy the artist and CRG Gallery, New York

Through Spring 2007

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New York-based Jim Hodges (b. 1957) admired for his awareness to social and cultural conditions, has conceived a project for the Museum's Wall at WAM series that is uniquely collaborative in nature. In the belief that the message of art can cross cultural and temporal boundaries in meaningful ways, Hodges' mural expresses a simple but powerful statement, “Don't be afraid.” This phrase, repeated in the unique handwriting of individuals from member countries of the United Nations, serves as the “drawing” for a printed 67-foot mural that embodies a global chorus of individual voices in all languages and sends a universal message of inclusion, strength, and optimism.

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For more information on Jim Hodges, please visit the CRG Gallery online.

This project is supported by the Don and Mary Melville Contemporary Art Fund. Additional generous support provided by David and Marlene Persky and Worcester Magazine.