Kennedy to Kent State: Images of a Generation


Nick Ut (Út Hu?nh Công)
Vietnamese, born 1951

Children Fleeing South Vietnamese Air Force Napalm Attack on the Village of Trang Bang, June 8, 1972
Gelatin silver print

Gift of Howard G. Davis, III A.K.A. David Davis 2011.176

Beating her arms, nine-year-old Kim Phúc and he brothers and cousins flee a napalm attack outside their village of Trang Bang.  With her flesh burning she tore off her clothes screaming “Nóng quá! Nóng quá! (“Too hot! Too hot!”).  When the children reached him, Ut took them to a Saigon hospital, where Phúc stayed for fourteen months. At first, his image was rejected for publication because of its nudity.  Famed photojournalist Horst Faas argued by telex with the head-office, eventually to prevail, and when published by the Associated Press, the photograph won a Pulitzer Prize in 1973.

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