Outlook: Collecting the Contemporary

September 25, 1999 - February 20, 2000

Doris Salcedo, La Casa Vidua, I
1999, wood and fabric
Gift of the Friends of Contemporary Art

To showcase its endowed contemporary art program, the Worcester Art Museum invites you to enjoy Outlook: Collecting the Contemporary, which includes some of the best contemporary art objects the Museum has acquired during the past 10 years. Worcester is the only venue for this exhibition, which features works by 10 international artists and was organized by Susan L. Stoops, the Museum's new curator of Contemporary Art.

Noting that the works cross many boundaries of medium, image, and geography, Stoops describes this exhibition as: "Inventive references to the human figure, a critique of the traditional role of decoration, the presence of text as image, underlying narratives about human relationships, and questions concerning cultural authenticity in today's multicultural reality. These works characterize a range of issues and outlooks embraced by visual artists working as far away as South America and as close to home as Boston."