Jennifer Reeves

Jennifer Reeves
Courtesy Gorney, Braven & Lee

April 28 - August 5, 2001

This project, the artist's first museum solo exhibition, will introduce viewers to the innovative work Jennifer Reeves has produced during the past three years. She is a leading member of a younger generation of artists who are committed to revising the tradition of modernist abstraction. In her paintings, Reeves consciously refers to, sometimes critiques, and regularly reworks the conventions of Abstract Expressionist, Color Field, and Minimalist painting.
A personal vocabulary influenced by the Michigan environment of her childhood includes familiar elements such as barns, grassy plains, and big skies. Along with these icons, she has developed a lexicon of abstract forms—rainbow stacks of flat color, snakes of coiled pigment, stalks of rectangular strokes, pools of swirling paint. Reeves' effective layering of one kind of visual vocabulary over another has resulted in paintings that are both spontaneous and calculated, where elements of abstraction and representation co-exist yet are not necessarily reconciled. Born in 1963 in Royal Oak, Michigan, Reeves lives and works in Callicoon, New York. During the past decade she has had solo projects in Rome, Geneva, Paris, and New York. She is represented by Max Protetch in New York City.

Supported by the Don and Mary Melville Contemporary Art Fund.