Samurai Spirit

April 4 - June 22, 2003

The way of the samurai is the “two-fold way of the brush and the sword.” By developing self-discipline and fearlessness through Zen meditation and swordsmanship, a Japanese warrior could appreciate the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms as well as the tea ceremony, poetry, calligraphy and painting as vehicles of expression. This exhibition explores the samurai culture with woodblock prints depicting their heroic exploits, examples of their arms and armor, tea ware, screens and hanging scrolls reflecting the sources of strength and inspiration that nourished the Samurai Spirit.

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Sunday, May 4
Lecture-A Legacy Immortalized: Samurai Imagery in Early Japanese Photographs
Sunday, May 18
Lecture-The Rise of the Samurai
Sunday, June 1
Location: Higgins Armory Museum, 100 Barber Ave., Worcester

This exhibition is sponsored by UnumProvident Corporation, The Blakemore Foundation and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Additional generous support provided by 90.9 WBUR.