Alex Gray '17

Annie Lopez, Medical Conditions, 2013

Clark University Student Alex Gray works on Worcester Art Museum Cyanotypes

I have a deep appreciation for Annie Lopez as an artist, and my feeling have only grown throughout my research on Medical Conditions. As a Studio Art and Women and Gender Studies double major (whose favorite color is blue), Lopez's work resonates with my academic and personal interests. I admire how she beautifully emphasizes her personal experiences using cyanotype photography and text. The most exciting part of my research was my telephone interview Annie Lopez herself! Though my heart was beating a mile a minute from a mixture of excitement and nervousness, this interview was an informative and unique experience. I gained insight into the artist's inspirations, breadth of work, experiences in the art world, and both the formal and conceptual elements of Medical Conditions. Without this interview, I would not know that Medical Conditions includes an image of Lopez's own x-rayed arm or understand the significance of the piece as a culmination of anxiety about her father's Alzheimer's. Speaking with the artist allowed me to connect her raw emotions of fear and anxiety with my own experiences, allowing me to deeply analyze the piece. The interview also developed my admiration of Lopez's brave and open portrayal of her personal stories. Though Lopez acknowledges artmaking as a cathartic experience, it takes great courage to discuss internal and familial struggles with a large audience. I hope to gain Lopez's openness and honesty in my own life and understand how to effectively speak my own truth.