Kennedy to Kent State: Images of a Generation


at the Worcester Art Museum, the Gift of David Davis

September 29, 2012 –June 9, 2013

The Worcester Art Museum presents an exhibition of some of the most powerful American photographs of the 1960s, the images through which the country shared that dynamic
period and by which it is remembered. All from the museum's permanent collection, these photographs were collected by Howard G. Davis, III to recall and reflect upon his memories of the era that had formed his personality. The images date from 1958 to 1975, and include the presidency and assassination of John F. Kennedy, as well as the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, the American space program and its mission to the moon, the antiwar movement and counterculture.

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Post on Our Wall: We invite you to share your thoughts, memories, opinions and best photos from the 60s/70s in this participatory, intergenerational exhibition.

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To complement the exhibition, the Library has an exhibition of political and music posters from the 60's and 70's lent by a local collector. Also on display are a fantastic selection of LIFE and LOOK magazines from the same period that visitors are encouraged to browse.

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